Sunday, September 18, 2011

Titiwangsa Sentral unit is ready, finally.

After much work and frustration with the indon workers, the unit is finally done.  Although not 100%, it is quite up to our standard now.

This time, we have added our DIY daybed, chair, dinning table and more.  We especially love the lighting system we have installed.  It has a unique curtain track that you can move the lights around.  You can adjust the height of the light bulbs to come up with the perfect mood for you.  The lights in the bedroom is also a cheap hack to allow one to on/off light on the bed.  Not yet perfect, we will improve upon with the experience we gain.

This is the first polished concrete kitchen top we have done.  I personally polished the top myself along with others.  Not up to the finishing I like, but I did gain knowledge doing it.  Hopefully the next 2 kitchen tops that I will be working on will be a better one.  Inhaled quite a lot of dusty air while grinding/sanding the top.  Eventually bought a better mask, originally was using the ones bought from pharmacy.

The open concept wardrobe is another steal from browsing the web.  Had some problem putting the wall plug in!  After buying the right drill bit, it was piece of cake after.

Now, I need some time to finish the bed frames.

Tell me whether you like our design!

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  1. Good to see that you have the perfect skill for the decoration of the house and you have done this so nicely and perfectly. I just love the colors that you have chosen. Great work