Monday, November 28, 2011

How to enforce No Smoking policy?

Although we have put several 'No Smoking' stickers around our Boutel Loft, there are still people who don't seem to be able to read nor follow simple rule.  If you smoke, and keep the place clean, we are still not that upset, but you left the ashes everywhere!  Even on the bed!

Any idea?

I guess it is quite hard to keep a party place out from the smokers.  We have been thinking of a place which is smoker friendly.  But, then it will be hard & expensive to upkeep that place.  First, the air conditioners will need more cleaning services.  Second, very dirty floor & environment.  It is hard to avoid ashes falling on the sofa, bed...

Let us know if you seriously think such a place is highly appreciated.

1 comment:

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