Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silver Purple @ Titiwangsa Sentral

Finally after much delay, our Silver Purple at Titiwangsa Sentral is now ready, and has been rented for few days.  We are quite happy with the color scheme, and it does look glamorous!

This place, we did more with paintings.  Learned that painting in stripes isn't as simple as it looks.  After we finished painting, when it was time to pull the tapes out, the paint came out with the tape as well.  So, it needs a lot of touch up.  As of now, we still haven't finished touching up, cause we were rushing to meet deadline for yesterday's check in.

Certain paints needed several layers, at least 3-4 layers compared to others.  Red & green that we used in our first Titiwangsa unit were notorious, causing more money!  We painted at least 4 layers to finally get it right.  This purple is not bad, 2 layers are enough.

We thought to be more playful by using bean bags as the sofa.  Bought them during our trip to Bali.  Initially bought the beads from Jusco for RM11.90 for 2 pillow sized bags.  Googled a bit and found a factory in Subang for a lot cheaper price.  Hopefully, our guest will like these colorful bean bags.

We also bought some paintings from our Bali trip as well.

We have still yet to put our creative art pieces up.  Hopefully we will get them up in 2 weeks time.  This is an original idea, and we hope it will inspire others.  Stay tuned.

This unit has a good view of Titiwangsa & Genting Highland.

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