Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boutel Kampung Hulu, Jonker Street Malacca

We are excited, cause we always wanted a heritage house.  The dream has finally come true yesterday.  We are now the official operator for this lovely little heritage house in Jonker Walk Malacca.

Since it is a take over, so its current design is not from our idea, nevertheless, we still love it.  As it was a rush take over, we still haven't come up with our design idea yet.  However, since we have received many requests for a bigger house, we have decided to rent out the place as is, and do some minor magic touch ups(new bedsheets, pillows, some decoratives & paints(not yet done but very soon)).

It is at a very strategic location, only like 5 mins walk to Jonker Street.  There is a public parking 50m opposite where the river boat jetty is.  In addition to that, there is a big convenient store opposite, so it is merely a walk across the street for the sudden need of things.

The house is narrow & long, very long.  The back yard has a badminton court, where the locals will come out to play there.  You may also BBQ there in the future, as we don't have the BBQ grille ready yet.  There are 4 rooms.  Since it is an old house, it has only 1 bathroom on the first floor.  All rooms are quite big, especially the one at the attic.  All rooms are with big king sized beds, so you may now roll more freely in your dream!!  LOL...

The house is currently available for RM600/night weekday and RM700/night Fri-Sunday & Holiday eve.

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