Monday, August 27, 2012

Noise, Extreme Noise...

Apparently, some guests have taken the party at Empire Subang to the extreme, and we are being notified to inform our guests to lower & tone down the volume a bit. So, from now on, we will have to ask you to not turn the volume to too loud till it disturbs too many people. Please be kind so that others can party at this awesome place in the future as well.

If you like your party to go on without any interruption from the security or police, please be considerate.  Don't make your bass so loud that the people few floors up can feel it.  If there is complaint, you might be asked to stop & pack your stuff to go home.  So, it is your choice, and please, when asked to cooperate, please act nice with the security person.

We also received complaints that too many people are smoking too heavily on the corridor, and littering around.  Please do us a favor to not litter, please bring your ashtray(from a simple beer/soda can) for your cigarette buds.

So, enjoy your event & have a great memory there.

Casa Tiara & Titiwangsa Sentral 
We do not allow party at these places since day one, but we still received complaints about loud noise once in a while.  Please be reminded that these are residential buildings, there are people who live & sleep there.  Please do not disturb the harmony.  I am sure you would like security to be knocking on your door to ask questions?

We would like to beg everyone to respect others' rights so that your rights can be respected as well.

Please be responsible when making noise.  We would love you to have a lovely stay at our places.

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