Monday, March 5, 2012

Boutel Titiwangsa Sentral - Black Forest

After a long long period, the Black Forest is finally available for rent.  All paints are in Black/Grey, except with the White master room.  It is a daring experience, not too many of my friends & relatives like this color choice, but I am sure many others will love to stay for few nights for a different mood.

The bamboos are from my house, it came out pretty good.  Just cut them in longer length so that no screw or others are needed to hold them in place.  I intend to make it into a message tree!  So, leave us your comment or message there.

We bought this KingKong paintings during our trip to Bali.  They match our theme and add a little of funkiness to our design.
We made the dinning table & bench as well.  The steel legs are also home made.  We liked it, anyone interested in buying?  The top is polished concrete, we did a better job this time after the 5 kitchen tops we made for Titiwangsa Sentral.

The totally BLACK room.  The light stands are another proud creation of ours.  The stands were salvaged from our LCD TVs.  Just screw a timber plank, screw a T5 light and painted it black.  Voila...

Room 2, don't have a name for it, might just name it Grey room.  The white art is inspired by the HGTV show.  Still need the frame, but other suggested to just leave it like this.  What say you?

White Room.

Yes, we recycled the Japanese kimono we used on our first Tititwangsa unit.  We rented it out for long term, and figured out that the tenants didn't really need the kimonos.  We also moved the bean bags which we used to put in the Silver Purple unit.

Check it out, and tell us what you think, will you?
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