Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Durian Feast Time

I have talked about my permaculture place last year and have been quiet ever since.  I have been working hard on this piece of land.  So far, the first guest cabin is being built, and hopefully, by September I can start hosting nature lovers to spend some nights there.

Now that it is durian season, and my land is a durian orchard, I would like to welcome all of you to come for a durian buffet.  The durians are mostly organic, no chemical fertilizer nor pesticide was used.  Trees were left to grow naturally and the durians taste yummy according to most who have tasted it.

The price is RM30/head for a all you can eat buffet.  There are D24, D2, D88, SanSin & Kampung.  Most trees are fairly old, especially the kampung.  Some of the durians taste like butter, and will leave your lips oiled!

If you are interested, please kindly email to empiretrio@gmail.com or whatsapp to 016-661 3178.