Our first landed house and it is the house I have been living for 10 years.  It is now available for you to rent & enjoy for a memorable vacation stay.  Everything that I wanted to do when I was living in, I have done them now: Koi pond, Rock wall villa, Treehouse, Sand Pit, Pool, Roof top space, Japanese Ofuro bathtub & more.

This is the perfect vacation house and is located in Pusat Bandar Puchong(Wawasan Puchong) behind Setia Walk. It has a pool, treehouse, BBQ, outdoor dinning, spa like bathroom & more. Most importantly, I am physically involved in most of the renovations.

It is an endlot terrace house facing a field. The house has 4 rooms(3 with attached bathroom). One of the rooms is big with inter-connecting rooms, which used to be two rooms that we now combined. This room is good for parents with young kids, as they can all sleep in one room, yet kind of separated.

The front room is the original master room, it can be used as a bridal/wedding room.
There is a room on a mezzanine floor.

The last is the nicest & newly added room to the house. It is on the ground facing the pool. The wall is unique with big rocks, like gabion wall. I believe this is the only type of room in Malaysia. This room has no air conditioning, but it is very cooling at night or day.
There is a wooden platform where kids or adults can hang around. This wooden platform opens up to the pool. So, it is also a nice spot to nap or read. You can even do your yoga or meditation here.
The living room has a 47" LCD TV. There is astro, but you have to bring your card if you wanna watch it. Regular TV programs over the air is available. Plenty of DVDs are available too.

At night, you may BBQ on our uniquely designed pit. There is a nice polished concrete table outdoor if you choose to dine out on a nice day. It has roof over it, so it is OK during a normal raining day too. You & friends could also chill out in the treehouse. The treehouse can house quite a number of people, but we suggest a max of 10. Although, I am an engineer, I don't know how to calculate the weight it can support. I am no civil/structural engineer.

Guest Access
You have access to the dipping pool, tree house, BBQ pit.

The Neighborhood
The neighborhood is fantastic. There is a morning market every morning except monday. You can shop for fresh vege, meat, fish & fruits. Many different types of food are available across the street, one Mamak, two malay restaurants, chinese restaurants & food court. So, if you need food, just walk across. Food court operates from early morning to late midnight.
In the afternoon, there is a delicious chendol & rojak tricycle stall. I personally like the chendol & rojak there. You may also find nice Nasi Lemak when comes dinner time. If after supper, you still have some room, there is local burger stalls too.
There are clinics, several convenient stores, chinese pharmacy, laundromats, salons, car wash, vet, mobile phone store & more, just across the street.
If you wish to drive slighly farther, there is Setia Walk with all the fine cuisines. There are Karaoke, movie theatre there too.
It is the most convenient place you can find around, without driving & driving.

Getting Around
There are plenty of parkings, as the house faces a field. You may park 2 cars at the car porch.
Best way to get here is by taxi or driving.
Buses stop at the shoprow across the street, unfortunately, I don't know what number of buses.

Other Things to Note
The house has several eco features. It uses DIY solar water for the bathrooms at the back(both upper & lower floors). I also collect rain water & air conditioning water to be used for toilet flushes.
The treehouse is built with all left over woods & bolts. Only the wood planks were newly bought.


Monthly (exclude utilities)RM7000


Security deposit: RM1000 for daily
* will be refunded within 2 weeks after check out date.

Check in: 1500 (3pm)
Check out: 1200 (12pm)

Late checkout: RM200/hour


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