Monday, September 23, 2013

OneCity K-Room coming soon...

We are expanding OneCity and we hope to get it ready by this week.  What does it mean?  What will you get?

Basically, we have created a smaller space for the smaller crowd, with less than 30pax.  It has the karaoke system, BBQ pit, outdoor seating & more.

Also, we have created another room for those who want to have a proper bedroom for whatever reasons(make up, change, shower, and etc).  It has 2 queen sized beds & a bathroom.  So, in case if, there are those who wish to stay over night & be pampered with privacy, you can rent the bedroom now.

You can also rent all 3 together for a bigger party!  With this, you will have dance hall, karaoke room & bedroom.

Can't wait to see it ready...