Thursday, July 10, 2014

Party Spray & Chewing Gum

I have recently understood the reason behind the ban of chewing gum in our neighbor country Singapore.  Chewing gum is super hard to remove and most of the time you can't remove it completely without leaving a tiny bit of it still sticking there.

I know most people are usually responsible type, but the very few irresponsible will always ruin the party for the majority.  So, as a responsible host, please inform your guest to not chew gum in our properties.  If they insist, please insist of them throwing it in the dustbin not at the bottom of sofa, table, chair & etc.

Party spray is yet another really annoying trash to clean up.  It is sticky & hard to remove like gum.  Worse of all, it is usually a lot at many places.

We will impose a RM100 fine for any chewing gum sticking on any place other than the dustbin or party spray we found on our places.