Tuesday, July 3, 2012

50% Off Boutel Jonker

Get 50% off Boutel Jonker(whole house) normal rate if you do the followings:
- get 10 people to like Boutel Jonker, email us your friend list
- write a simple review after your stay at our guestbook
- post at least 3 pix of you & friends at Boutel Jonker to our Facebook page.

Simple?  Spread the words, and start enjoying!

Only available for Boutel Jonker, please don't ask us for other venues.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dream Comes True

Several years ago, I saw a documentary on Astro AEC that talked about disappearing industries, one of them was about the wooden tub making in Malacca.  Apparently the old man is the only person still making this type of wooden bath tub in Malaysia.  He can't find anyone that is willing to learn from him.  I was jokingly saying to him that I will come and learn from him one day.
One day I will, if I spend more time in Malacca.  Really thinking of moving to Malacca, it is really a nice place to live.

It was by chance that I ordered this tub.  Last week during my stay at Malacca for renovation, we were walking around Jonker Street looking for some parts.  We walked pass a bicycle shop, then I asked the owner whether they still have some Japanese recond bikes, he told me only 2 left.  Without any thinking, I sapu'ed both.  Then while waiting for him to fix the bikes for us, I asked whether he knew the old man who makes wooden tub, he said "yeah, down the street, make a right turn, it is in the small alley."

I went hunting for the master.  It wasn't hard finding at all, cause there was a big sign there.

Today, went there to pick up the tub, I thought it wasn't open due to it being Sunday.  With luck, the master was there.  I told him I might have to come pick up the next week, cause traffic was bad.  He told me not to worry, he can deliver for me using his tricycle.  Better still, FREE delivery.

If you go visit Malacca you can visit him.  Don't forget to bring a can or two of Guinness Stout.  The master has 2 favorites - 4D & Guinness!