Monday, June 25, 2012

It's the coastal!

So we have been battling the clog of the toilet at Empire Subang for a while.  We have changed several plumbers & a few plungers, yet the problem remained.  Finally today, we solved the clog issue.  It was a PLASTIC COASTAL that was clogging the whole thing.  Who in their right mind would flush a coastal down the toilet, let alone a plastic one!  To the one who did it, please stop this crazy trick in the future.

It was disgusting, and the smell was terrible!  I had to hold my breath in order to avoid fainting inside.  So, I had to go through the live & death moments to capture these few pictures.

In the process of removing the toilet bowl.

Finally removed.  You could tell the hole wasn't done the right way to begin with.

Literally a roll of toilet tissue that we took out.

With the toilet bowl removed, and cleaned.  Now ready for the assembly work.

Can you the black coastal?

For those who had to suffer through the clogging & over flowing issue in the past, we apologize for it.  It is a smooth flush now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boutel Jonker available for room booking NOW!

We can now accept room booking for our heritage house at Jalan Kampung Hulu.  Room rate starts from as low as RM88.  You can now book the whole house or just the room.

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Make Up for Jonker!

Two weeks after the taking over of this heritage house, we have given her a minor make up.  It was a tiring 2-night stays & works spanning of 2 weekends.  We were lucky to have one booking for each week, so we were forced to go down to work.

First visit was mainly the cleaning up.  So much dust & so much junk.  My main job was to set up new lights to brighten up the place.  The red lanterns in the rooms do not give a good feeling to Kimi, in addition, it was also very dark.  We decided to strip them naked.  Suddenly the rooms become much brighter, and things become clearer too!  It translates to more cleaning job.

With more red lanterns stripped off, we now have quite a number on hand.  So, with our moto of recycle & reuse, we decided to hang more lanterns on the living area.

This old house has a really high ceiling, I think at least 12-14' high.  I am quite afraid of height, so the first job of tying the big lantern on the ceiling took me quite some time & some shaking.  After a gruesome hour of work, I managed to get it working.  However, it didn't lighten up the place a bit, but it did make the place looks nicer.
 I was supposed to install a few fluorescent lights after that.  But due to my fear of height and time was getting late, I decided to install them tomorrow(which I didn't due to time constraint).
 Here is a pic of the effect after I finally installed 2 36w fluorescent lights the next weekends.  A lot difference, no longer dark, you can finally read your newspaper in the comfy living room.

It was really tiring installing the lantern.  You had to climb up & down like hundred times.  I constantly dropped the screw, and forgot to bring things up the ladder.

The next visit was less work, nonetheless still tiring.  We managed to concur most things that we wanted to get done, except of changing the curtain rods.

Here are some pix of all 4 rooms.  We bought all bedsheets from Ikea due to time contraints.
Master room

Master room

Middle room

Middle room

Front room

Front room

Attic room

Attic room

For more pictures, please check out the album in Facebook.