Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anyone shares our passion?

We are expanding, thus we are looking for someone who shares our same passion.  We are looking for someone to work together at our Malacca site so that we can venture into other locations.  If you meet the following, please contact us:

  • love meeting people, especially happy people who are on vacation
  • love decorating, especially doing it yourself
  • has a passion in the home stay business
Send email to

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boutel OneCity - The Ultimate Place to Hold Party/Function!

Yes, we have done it in time for you to celebrate your X'mas & New Year.  Also you can party like it is the end of the world this 21st Dec 2012!  This place is new, so not too many tenants have moved in, and it is a commercial area, thus no residence!

We have been searching for an ideal place for you.  It must be able to tolerate sound, with open air for smokers, BBQ pit & bigger space.  We finally found it at OneCity.  This is the ultimate place for you to hold event, do product launches, friends gathering or host a party!

We did everything in like 2 weeks time.  This include, furniture, dinning table, bar counter, light fixtures, painting & more.  And almost all the wood furnitures are created by us!  No kidding, everything from pallets & bamboo to something useful in less than 2 weeks.

We have made wooden chairs before, but we have never tried wrapping it with cushion.  This time, we explore something new, and we love it!  We used some of the additional pillows we have and wrapped them under to become cushion.  Tell us whether it is comfortable.

So, don't wait, go book your date!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Boutel Empire Subang is not available for now.

Someone has rented this unit for long term, as a result, it is not available till further notice.  As a replacement, we have a bigger & better venue for you to host your event, function, gathering or party!

OneCity is bigger and with 2 gardens(for you smokers & BBQ lovers).  It doesn't have any living around, so, it is the place for its purpose!

Check out our OneCity on our facebook for now.  Will be posting more pix in the next few days when the place is ready.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Booking link not working sometimes

I guess there is a bug with blogspot causing the external link to disappear.  We didn't make any change to our blog, but the link for no reason just disappear.  For those who can't access it, please click here:

Hopefully, no problem after.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eco Zen Villa

Finally our Eco Zen Villa is ready with more presentable look.  We have given it a new layer of paint to look more neutral.  Added more rock and one BIG rock.  A master piece ikebana style wall deco by Kimi.  It looks pretty zen now.  It is simple & soothing.

The villa is at the back potion of the house.  You can enter through the garden at the rear or from the house.  If renting only the villa, you will enter through the rear garden, walking pass through a small alley of kampung houses.  If you renting it with the house, you may enter through the door from the house.

Check it out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

RM199 special for Boutel Jonker Heritage House

Bloggers special is back again.  Enjoy low price of RM199/night at our Boutel Jonker Heritage House at Malacca.

- blog about your stay & our place
- post on your facebook about your stay & our place with at least 3 pictures
- like our facebook pages

Interested?  Email us your blog & facebook page.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Noise, Extreme Noise...

Apparently, some guests have taken the party at Empire Subang to the extreme, and we are being notified to inform our guests to lower & tone down the volume a bit. So, from now on, we will have to ask you to not turn the volume to too loud till it disturbs too many people. Please be kind so that others can party at this awesome place in the future as well.

If you like your party to go on without any interruption from the security or police, please be considerate.  Don't make your bass so loud that the people few floors up can feel it.  If there is complaint, you might be asked to stop & pack your stuff to go home.  So, it is your choice, and please, when asked to cooperate, please act nice with the security person.

We also received complaints that too many people are smoking too heavily on the corridor, and littering around.  Please do us a favor to not litter, please bring your ashtray(from a simple beer/soda can) for your cigarette buds.

So, enjoy your event & have a great memory there.

Casa Tiara & Titiwangsa Sentral 
We do not allow party at these places since day one, but we still received complaints about loud noise once in a while.  Please be reminded that these are residential buildings, there are people who live & sleep there.  Please do not disturb the harmony.  I am sure you would like security to be knocking on your door to ask questions?

We would like to beg everyone to respect others' rights so that your rights can be respected as well.

Please be responsible when making noise.  We would love you to have a lovely stay at our places.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

50% Off Boutel Jonker

Get 50% off Boutel Jonker(whole house) normal rate if you do the followings:
- get 10 people to like Boutel Jonker, email us your friend list
- write a simple review after your stay at our guestbook
- post at least 3 pix of you & friends at Boutel Jonker to our Facebook page.

Simple?  Spread the words, and start enjoying!

Only available for Boutel Jonker, please don't ask us for other venues.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dream Comes True

Several years ago, I saw a documentary on Astro AEC that talked about disappearing industries, one of them was about the wooden tub making in Malacca.  Apparently the old man is the only person still making this type of wooden bath tub in Malaysia.  He can't find anyone that is willing to learn from him.  I was jokingly saying to him that I will come and learn from him one day.
One day I will, if I spend more time in Malacca.  Really thinking of moving to Malacca, it is really a nice place to live.

It was by chance that I ordered this tub.  Last week during my stay at Malacca for renovation, we were walking around Jonker Street looking for some parts.  We walked pass a bicycle shop, then I asked the owner whether they still have some Japanese recond bikes, he told me only 2 left.  Without any thinking, I sapu'ed both.  Then while waiting for him to fix the bikes for us, I asked whether he knew the old man who makes wooden tub, he said "yeah, down the street, make a right turn, it is in the small alley."

I went hunting for the master.  It wasn't hard finding at all, cause there was a big sign there.

Today, went there to pick up the tub, I thought it wasn't open due to it being Sunday.  With luck, the master was there.  I told him I might have to come pick up the next week, cause traffic was bad.  He told me not to worry, he can deliver for me using his tricycle.  Better still, FREE delivery.

If you go visit Malacca you can visit him.  Don't forget to bring a can or two of Guinness Stout.  The master has 2 favorites - 4D & Guinness!

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's the coastal!

So we have been battling the clog of the toilet at Empire Subang for a while.  We have changed several plumbers & a few plungers, yet the problem remained.  Finally today, we solved the clog issue.  It was a PLASTIC COASTAL that was clogging the whole thing.  Who in their right mind would flush a coastal down the toilet, let alone a plastic one!  To the one who did it, please stop this crazy trick in the future.

It was disgusting, and the smell was terrible!  I had to hold my breath in order to avoid fainting inside.  So, I had to go through the live & death moments to capture these few pictures.

In the process of removing the toilet bowl.

Finally removed.  You could tell the hole wasn't done the right way to begin with.

Literally a roll of toilet tissue that we took out.

With the toilet bowl removed, and cleaned.  Now ready for the assembly work.

Can you the black coastal?

For those who had to suffer through the clogging & over flowing issue in the past, we apologize for it.  It is a smooth flush now.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boutel Jonker available for room booking NOW!

We can now accept room booking for our heritage house at Jalan Kampung Hulu.  Room rate starts from as low as RM88.  You can now book the whole house or just the room.

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Make Up for Jonker!

Two weeks after the taking over of this heritage house, we have given her a minor make up.  It was a tiring 2-night stays & works spanning of 2 weekends.  We were lucky to have one booking for each week, so we were forced to go down to work.

First visit was mainly the cleaning up.  So much dust & so much junk.  My main job was to set up new lights to brighten up the place.  The red lanterns in the rooms do not give a good feeling to Kimi, in addition, it was also very dark.  We decided to strip them naked.  Suddenly the rooms become much brighter, and things become clearer too!  It translates to more cleaning job.

With more red lanterns stripped off, we now have quite a number on hand.  So, with our moto of recycle & reuse, we decided to hang more lanterns on the living area.

This old house has a really high ceiling, I think at least 12-14' high.  I am quite afraid of height, so the first job of tying the big lantern on the ceiling took me quite some time & some shaking.  After a gruesome hour of work, I managed to get it working.  However, it didn't lighten up the place a bit, but it did make the place looks nicer.
 I was supposed to install a few fluorescent lights after that.  But due to my fear of height and time was getting late, I decided to install them tomorrow(which I didn't due to time constraint).
 Here is a pic of the effect after I finally installed 2 36w fluorescent lights the next weekends.  A lot difference, no longer dark, you can finally read your newspaper in the comfy living room.

It was really tiring installing the lantern.  You had to climb up & down like hundred times.  I constantly dropped the screw, and forgot to bring things up the ladder.

The next visit was less work, nonetheless still tiring.  We managed to concur most things that we wanted to get done, except of changing the curtain rods.

Here are some pix of all 4 rooms.  We bought all bedsheets from Ikea due to time contraints.
Master room

Master room

Middle room

Middle room

Front room

Front room

Attic room

Attic room

For more pictures, please check out the album in Facebook.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boutel Kampung Hulu, Jonker Street Malacca

We are excited, cause we always wanted a heritage house.  The dream has finally come true yesterday.  We are now the official operator for this lovely little heritage house in Jonker Walk Malacca.

Since it is a take over, so its current design is not from our idea, nevertheless, we still love it.  As it was a rush take over, we still haven't come up with our design idea yet.  However, since we have received many requests for a bigger house, we have decided to rent out the place as is, and do some minor magic touch ups(new bedsheets, pillows, some decoratives & paints(not yet done but very soon)).

It is at a very strategic location, only like 5 mins walk to Jonker Street.  There is a public parking 50m opposite where the river boat jetty is.  In addition to that, there is a big convenient store opposite, so it is merely a walk across the street for the sudden need of things.

The house is narrow & long, very long.  The back yard has a badminton court, where the locals will come out to play there.  You may also BBQ there in the future, as we don't have the BBQ grille ready yet.  There are 4 rooms.  Since it is an old house, it has only 1 bathroom on the first floor.  All rooms are quite big, especially the one at the attic.  All rooms are with big king sized beds, so you may now roll more freely in your dream!!  LOL...

The house is currently available for RM600/night weekday and RM700/night Fri-Sunday & Holiday eve.

Monday, May 7, 2012

RM50 off promo!

Wanna take RM50 off your booking?  It is simple.  Just do these few things after your party/stay, and we will credit the RM50 together with your security deposit into your bank account.

- get 10 friends to 'like' us on Facebook
- post at least 2 pix of you guys having a great time

It is that simple.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Empire SOHO for long term

We have one unit of SOHO available for rental now.  It is nicely renovated and decorated with quality furnitures & goods.  Check out the photos to get the feel.  Viewing is only available on weekends & holidays.  Asking RM2800/month, which is quite low for things that you get.

- above Empire Gallery
- 800sf loft
- 2 bathrooms
- carpark RM120/month
- minimum 1 year contract

Interested, please call Lainux 016-661 3178