A 3-storey heritage house at the heart of Georgetown, Penang.  It is ideally located within walking distant to most places in Georgetown.

There are few things that we emphasized when renovating this house:
1) preserve its originality
2) eco friendly
3) as unique as possible

Thus, you can see the house is pretty much still in its original condition, except that it is cleaner & brighter.  We removed all the partition walls to make each floor a studio.  Most wood removed were reused & repurposed.  When wood was not enough, we salvaged around the town, since many houses were also going through renovation.  When it wasn't possible to get them from the dumpster, we bought reclaimed wood.

This is so far the most challenging & ambitious task we have taken.  We designed and built the extra bathrooms(1st & 2nd floor) ourselves!  Originally, I wanted to outsource, but finally decided to try it myself.  I wanted to learn a thing or two for my future projects.  I have learned a lot of plumbing works & spent a lot of time doing it, it was really challenging.  Before I took on this task, I have asked around, many told me it wasn't possible.

Each floor has a theme:
  1. Chinese - SingPan (Wedding Room in Hokkien dialect)
  2. Malay - Batik
  3. Indian - Kamasutra

Some details of the house:
- each floor is individual unit with bathroom & small kitchen(for simple cooking only)
- bathroom with rain shower head & solar water heater
- air conditioned
- 2 queen sized beds & can sleep 4 adults
- sound insulation is very bad, so talk & walk softly


  • batik inspired with batik curtains, blankets, pillow cases & more.
  • tried to be as 'kampung' as possible
  • modern bathroom & kitchen at the balcony
  • bathroom can be open & closed for privacy, solar hot rain shower!
  • 450 sf with a 2HP air conditioner & stand fans
  • 32" LCD TV(no astro, plays movies from USB) & DVD player
  • 2 queen sized beds on each corner
  • small dinning area & TV lounge


You may check out google street view for our location.


 SingPan   Batik  Kamasutra 
Mon - ThuRM299RM299RM349
Fri - Sun, Holiday & EveRM349RM349RM399
Super PeakRM399RM399RM449

Self Check In/Out

  1. we will email you the self check in instructions a day before, usually in the evening
  2. Check in: 1500 (3pm)
    Check out: 1200 (12pm)

    Late checkout: RM100/hour

    ** absolutely no smoking inside, especially in the room.  violation will result in RM200 fine **


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