OneCity(Party Haven)

Our fifth addition to the family.  OneCity is designed to cater to people who want a place to hold event/function or do product launch.  Its setup is also suitable for hens night/bachelorette/bachelor party.  If you want a place around KL or Klang Valley to throw a birthday party or any party, this is the best place to do it.  Forget about party house or bungalow, rent our rooftop unit, and party till the sun come up!

** It has been 2+ years, and the condition of the place is a bit old.  So, do not expect hotel grade environment, it is pretty basic.  It is up for you to decorate the place.  Wall painting is a bit peeled off due to decoration by guests.  If you are OK with its current condition, then it will be a nice place to party.

DO NOT book if you are the person who wants really clean & neat place. 


BigBrother has 2 gardens, at the front & rear.  The rear garden is equipped with the BBQ pit.  Smokers will find this place heaven, as you don't have to be separated from the crowd when you smoke.  Just step outside to get some air & smoke, though we strongly do not encourage smoking.  However, smoking inside is still not allowed, this is to create a good atmosphere to everyone to enjoy indoor.

The indoor is basically divided into 3 sections, lounge, fun & dine.


There are many seats & pillows for a comfy chat.  You may choose to lay on the day bed, sit back to back with your BFF or just lay back and chill out on any of the chairs.  You can easily sit 20 people in this area.

The day bed & many of the benches are designed so that after a long night, you can sleep over till the next morning!  Many pillows to choose from, 20 of them.


This is the place where you can do games.  What would a gathering be without playing some games?  If you wish, you can turn it into a dance floor!  Yes, put your DJ behind the bar counter, and dance the night away.


There is bar counter & pantry to prepare food & drinks.  You can totally turn it into a 'private pub' if you want.  This will make your event more professional!  A big high dinning table will allow big group of people to dine together.  It is designed high so that more people can eat together standing!  Allowing a more casual environment.


We have designed the lighting to have 2 moods: bright & clear and chill & cozy.  Most of you will choose to have chill & cozy as it creates a nice dark ambiance to relax & just chill out.


OneCity is one of the most eco friendly venues we have done up.  All the furnitures are DIY using unwanted pallets.  We even recycled the nails from disassembling the pallets.  We recycled all paints we left from previous projects.  We even created our own light fixtures!  The BBQ pit is a recycled oil drum!

We did 90% of all the things you see.  Hopefully one day we will learn how to do wiring & install air conditioner!  LOL.  Craziest of all, we basically did it in less than 2 weeks.


- about 1000sf internal, and 400sf for the gardens
- 1 fridge + 1 cooler for all the drinks
- 1 bar counter
- 1 DJ table
- 1 big dining table that can seat 10.
- 1 mixer, 2 loud speakers & dance lighting that dances to the music
- 1 toilet(no shower facility)
- 1 BBQ pit(no utensils, bring your own)
- smoking areas at the gardens, absolutely no smoking inside
- fully air conditioned w/ 3 air conditioners + 3 ceiling fans
- noise is not a problem, yet.

* the design is quite raw & may looked unfinished by certain people.
* the floor is cement screed, so it may look 'dirty', but we assure you that we swept & mopped
* since there is a garden connected, so it is impossible to avoid the ants & millipedes, although we try our best to minimize

Check our more pictures on our Facebook page.


BigBrother: RM880

* 10% surcharge for December.
** always refer to the booking form for latest price.

Check In: 3pm or after
Check Out: 12pm or before
Late check out: RM100/hour

Security deposit: RM1000
* will be refunded around 2 weeks after check out date.
** we suggest paying via PayPal so that no money is coming out from your pocket, and it is easier for us to refund


  1. Absolutely no smoking inside(RM200 fine), smoke in the gardens. No litering in the gardens(RM100 fine).  
  2. NO drugs or any illegal activities
  3. MUST remove your decorative(RM100 fine)
  4. OFF all air conditioners & lightings (RM100 fine)
  5. clean up (minimum RM100 cleaning fee)
  6. no thrash or food waste in the toilet flush, especially cigarette buds(RM100 fine)!!
  7. take trash out(please bring your own trash bags), refuge chamber is at the other corner facing the petrol station (RM50 fine)
  8. enjoy


Go to facebook, and view them all.


View Boutel - The Place for short stay in a larger map

If coming through Putra Heights.  On the first traffic light(after Petronas), turn right, and go all the way in.

You will drive pass our unit, and make a right turn into the place.  Follow the one way street to make a full circle and park in the middle of the row of shops.  We are exactly in the middle of the shops, A-6-3.


  1. Pay It Forward: For the purpose of volunteering, we visited the Burning Bush Home which is located in Petaling Jaya and is also a rehabilitation center for former drug addicts without a home. We spent time with the residents there talking and listening to their stories and even donated some groceries and food supplies for the center. We helped to clean their place and also fixed up a few broken utilities around the learnt from our trip to the rehab home center. Firstly, we realized how many people were abandoned by their own families and were suffering. They say loneliness is a major cause of depression so we could only imagine how these residents here feel. Seeing them in such conditions filled our hearts with sympathy. We were also inspired by the selfless actions of some full-time volunteers who took time from their daily lives to spend quality moments with the residents of this home to make sure they don’t feel very lonely. These people who give their time and energy without expecting anything in return really make us want to do the same which made us come back for another day. Besides that, we learned how drugs can ruin a persons life. Former drug addicts shared their stories and told us how much they were suffering due to the after-effect of the drugs and to the lost of their families. Many of them were orphans from the beginning and were pulled to take drugs by other irresponsible people around them. Seeing these people with no families and without proper places to stay made us realize how lucky we were. We feel everyone should try volunteering somewhere just to feel more blessed about each day.

  2. How to book? How do I contact this place? I need to book this place ASAP. Please help.