Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blogger pays RM100 only at any of our venues.

Yes, we are doing this promotion for bloggers.  If you own a blog, and it gets good audience, we would like to invite you to stay at our place for only RM100/night.  Choose any of our 3 locations, Empire Subang, Casa Tiara or Titiwangsa Sentral.  Or, stay at all three to get the different experience.  We only ask for one favor in return, you must blog about us after staying at our place.

Please email us if you are interested.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Titiwangsa Sentral unit is ready, finally.

After much work and frustration with the indon workers, the unit is finally done.  Although not 100%, it is quite up to our standard now.

This time, we have added our DIY daybed, chair, dinning table and more.  We especially love the lighting system we have installed.  It has a unique curtain track that you can move the lights around.  You can adjust the height of the light bulbs to come up with the perfect mood for you.  The lights in the bedroom is also a cheap hack to allow one to on/off light on the bed.  Not yet perfect, we will improve upon with the experience we gain.

This is the first polished concrete kitchen top we have done.  I personally polished the top myself along with others.  Not up to the finishing I like, but I did gain knowledge doing it.  Hopefully the next 2 kitchen tops that I will be working on will be a better one.  Inhaled quite a lot of dusty air while grinding/sanding the top.  Eventually bought a better mask, originally was using the ones bought from pharmacy.

The open concept wardrobe is another steal from browsing the web.  Had some problem putting the wall plug in!  After buying the right drill bit, it was piece of cake after.

Now, I need some time to finish the bed frames.

Tell me whether you like our design!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY furniture

OK, I am a big fan of reuse & recycle of unwanted woods, especially pallets.

So far, I have built a few furnitures for my properties.  You can see our Casa Tiara with a few pieces of my work.  The medium high dinning table.  This, I have used timber disassembled from those BIG wire roll.  They are quite heavy, and full with nails.  I had to pull all the nails out and polished them.  Hauling them onto my pickup was another challenge as well.

Here you can see the end product.  Initially was going to use all woods from the wire roll.  Fortunately, one friend paid me a visit and saw all the wood pallets that I've piled up in my car porch, and asked what was I doing.  Told her about my project, she said there are tons of pallets at her office that they throw away all the time.

Here is another genius idea that I stole from the net.  I was looking for the creative use of pallet furniture, and I found this.  Anyone is able to do it.  So simple, and you should try it.  Today, my wife has painted it white.  Still waiting for it to dry.  Will post the finished work when it is done.

This single bed frame is so nice and zen looking.  It was a huge pallet from my friend's factory.  Just cut it to the right size, and whoala, I have a Japanese futon kind of bed frame.

Though you can't really see it clearly, but it is really nice!!  All I did on myself was hauling it up to the apartment from my friend's factory!

I like the DIY art piece on the wall as well.  Very simple.  The hardest part was putting the nails on the wall!  Hammered my finger once, luckily not that hard.

I hope to make as many DIY furnitures & art pieces from recycled wood or things that I can find.  Spending money buying new things will only create more waste, why not recycle and prolong its lifespan?