Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walls of Bags

We have decorated our Picasso wall with all the shopping bags we have collected over the time.  We like our designs, and it is quite easy to do, you can try it at home too!

With this idea, we also started to hang some recycle shopping bags on the door knob on each room for our customers to use.  We hope you appreciate what we did.

On the picture above, you can also see our new finished dinning table.  Yes, we have painted it, and we love it too!  We basically reused the paints left from all our projects.  Though they are water paints, we decided to not waste and use it.  After that, we paint another code of laquer to protect it and make it shinny.  Now, I am deciding whether to polish it again or to leave it as it is, surface is not that smooth.

Well, we hope you like our little touch up.

Yes, we have put in sofas instead of bean bags.  We have also changed the curtains.  Check us out!  I am sure you will enjoy our little touch ups here & there to make your stay unique.  Maybe you will copy some of our ideas to touch up your crib as well?  If you did, please email us your pix!

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